Moving head spot beam 280W

Product Code: SG BLKARROW
BLACK ARROW completes the series of Sagitter moving heads equipped with the innovative discharge sources by Osram. It features two machines enclosed in a single body, which both rely on a narrow arc discharge source with 280W integrated reflector, part of the now widespread HRI series. This source has an average life span of 2,000 hours and an extreme light efficiency that is well exploited by the innovative dual optical system used by this new projector. In this case the user can choose to use the projector in two distinct ways that share common features, resulting in visual effects never seen before. The shared features are: high-speed linear zoom with control definition, that modifies the beam width from 2° to 10° and the spot beam from 5° to 20°; independent effects wheel with circular 8-sided prism, linear 6-sided prism both with variable rotation and speed; independent low density frost effect designed for homogeneous light diffusion for coverage of small/medium surfaces; two stackable gobos wheels, of which one equipped with a dichroic gobos, indexed, rotating and customisable, which thanks to a precise electronic focus offer the user endless effect possibilities in the air and on backdrops. There are 13 dichroic filters fitted on the projectors mounted on a wheel that rotates at high speed in both directions. A large light blue LCD display offers the user a control software with a complete and intuitive interface, which can be browsed using a handy control wheel on the control panel. 

Technical Specifications Black Arrow

Light Source

  • Osram Sirius HRI 280W
  • Color temperature 7800K
  • Lamp lifespan: >2.000h in standard mode (280W) - 3.000h in eco mode (230 W)
  • Electronic ballast

Optic system

  • Beam angle Zoom Beam: 2° - 10°
  • Beam angle Zoom Spot: 5° - 20°
  • Electronic focus from 2m to infinite
  • Luminous flux Beam mode: 75.000 lux @20mt
  • Luminous flux Spot mode: 80.000 lux @5mt

Color system

  • Color wheel 13 colors + white


  • 9 dichroic rotating gobos, the gobos are interchangeable with the "plug & play" system
  • Bi-directional rotation system and indexable gobos
  • Shaking effect in both wheels
  • Gobo scroll effect with adjustable speed in both wheels
  • Fixed gobo wheel with 10 gobos and 4 steps "beam reduce"
  • 1st Prism: 8-facet rotating circular prism, with bi-directional rotation and adjustable speed
  • 2nd Prism: 6-facet rotating linear prism, with bi-directional rotation and adjustable speed
  • Rainbow effect of the colors in both directions
  • Independent frost
  • High speed and precision Zoom
  • Linear dimmer 0-100% high resolution
  • High speed electronic strobe max.15 flash/s, with adjustable speed
  • Random strobe effect and pulse dimmer effect with adjustable speed

Control and programming

  • 4 different DMX channels configurations: 24/16/30/18 channels
  • Protocol USITT DMX 512
  • Pan&Tilt 8/16 bit selectable
  • Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding

Structure and cabinet

  • Black metal housing and high resistance plastic materials
  • Grafic blue display LCD
  • PAN 540° / TILT 260° 8/16 bit selectable
  • Mounting points: 2 pairs of .-turn locks
  • Automatic repositioning of PAN and TILT after accidental movement not controlled by control unit
  • Pan&Tilt lock system for transportation
  • XLR 3/5 poles DMX in/out connection
  • IP rating IP20
  • Forced air cooling system with electronic control

Power supply

  • Input Voltage: AC~100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Switching power supply unit
  • Power consumption 480W
  • Power input with powerCon connector
  • Power supply cable 1,5 mt included

Weight and dimensions

  • Net weight: 19 kg
  • Dimensions: 380x284x608 mm


User manual