DMX control box

Product Code: SG QPIX360BOX
QPix 360 challenges creativity by offering a circular shape, where colors and pixels can create unique light scenes. Its square design and its connection points located at the corners allow infinite ways of installation. Thanks to its very light black ABS frame designed to offer maximum camouflage in the dark, structures capable of fully integrating with all types of projectors can be created while working as luminous background shapes. A special "flat smoked diffuser" - with which the rim is equipped - increases the contrast making the light effects generated by the 144 powerful LED sources clearer and more visible. The setting and control is entrusted to the "QPix 360 control box" which allows you to drive a maximum of 6 circles using the DMX protocol directly.

Technical Specifications QPix 360 control box

Light source

  • 144 SMD led RGB high efficiency (for each QPix 360)
  • Led refresh frequency >400Hz flicker free

Optic system

  • Viewing angle 120° x 120°
  • Flat smoked diffuser (flat white diffuser on request)
  • 24 sectors control (for each QPix 360)
  • Pitch 16,6 mm

Color system

  • RGB led source


  • Individual control for each RGB sectors
  • Linear dimmer
  • Electronic strobe
  • Color macro and sectors macro can be recalled by DMX

Control and programming

  • 6 different DMX configuration available 4/7/18/108/432/436
  • Proprietary signal control between QPix 360 (cable include)
  • DMX control by QPix 360 BOX (sold separately)
  • Each QPix 360 BOX control 6 pcs of QPix 360 maximum
  • Master/Slave mode

Structure and cabinet

  • ABS housing black color
  • 4 Mounting points
  • 2 steel connection ropes (included) for each QPix 360
  • 1 multi ways kit connection (included) for each QPix 360
  • 1 clamp mounting point for each QPix 360 Box
  • 5-poles XLR IN/OUT on the QPix 360 (only for dedicated signal cable)
  • 3-poles XLR IN/OUT on the QPix 360 Box for the DMX signal
  • 5-poles XLR OUT on the QPix 360 Box (only for dedicated signal cable)
  • IP rating 20

Power supply

  • Maximum power for the QPix 360: 28W
  • Maximum power for the QPix 360 Box: 32W
  • IN/OUT power connection with PowerCON on the QPix 360 Box
  • 85cm signal cable 5-poles XLR (included inside each QPix 360/QPix 360 box) 

Weight and dimensions

  • QPix 360 weight: 1kg
  • QPix 360 Box: 2kg
  • QPix 360 sizes: 320x320x30 mm
  • QPix 360 Box sizes: 200x10x70 mm