Transmitter/receiver wireless DMX by Wireless Solutions

Product Code: SG AIRBOX

Technical Specifications AIRBOX

Tecnical data 

• DMX Wireless Transmitter/Receiver by Wireless Solution for FLOORBAT Serie
• Number of channels: 512
• Operational mode: Transmitter/Receiver
• Operational Frequency: 2.4 GHZ
• Up to 250m range working distance
• Interference free
• Protocol Standard: USITT Dmx 512/1990
• Data connection: dmx in/out through 3 poles connectors
• Modulation method: GPSK
• Adaptive Frequency Hopping

Power supply 

• Input voltage: 5 Vdc

Weight and dimensions 

• Weight: 0,39 Kg
• Dimensions: 135x140x34 mm


User Manual