Moving head beam 1R 100W

Product Code: SG PIKEONE1R
Pikone is a moving head which adopts a new 100W discharge lamp lasting more than 6000hours, 9000K color temperature, and achieves a 3,2° beam with over 4.000 lux at 10mt. Pikone moves ahead to the traditional moving heads thanks to the outstanding brightness performed by its optical system, custom tailored. A new technology driving the Pan&Tilt motors, together with the small size of the unit, guarantee a working speed never achieved before in the lighting industry. Brightness and speed give life to a 7,8kg compact body, with an unique design; wide is the range of effects that the customer can enjoy, the 12 colors wheel creates saturated and intense colors. Pikone runs a 13 gobos wheel and reducer, a linear focus, a frost filter, a 16 facets prism enabling the tunnel effect, further to an overlaying innovative linear prism which multiples the potential effects. From today on, the entertainment operators can create multi-size projects cost effective, always enjoying the best effects in the industry.

Technical Specifications Pikeone

Light source

• 1R Lamp - 100W
• Lamp lifespan: 6000h
• Electronic ballast

Optic system

• Beam Angle: 3,2°
• Electronic focus
• Luminous flux: 4000 lux @ 10m

Color system

• Color wheel with 12 colors + white (CTO - CTB)


• Fixed gobo wheel with 13 gobos and 4 steps “beam reducer”
• Gobo shacking effect
• Gobo scroll effect with adjustable speed
• 16-facet circular rotating prism with adjustable speed
• Linear rotating prism with adjustable speed
• Color rainbow effect
• Frost filter
• Linear dimmer 0-100%
• Adjustable strobe effect
• Random strobe effect

Control and programming

• 2 DMX configurations available: 14/16 channels
• Protocol USITT DMX 512
• Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding

Structure and cabinet

• Black metal housing and high resistance plastic materials
• Color LCD display
• Pan angle 540°
• Tilt angle 270°
• Mounting points: 2 pairs of 1/4-turn locks
• Automatic repositioning of Pan and Tilt after accidental movements
• XLR 3-poles DMX IN/OUT connection
• IP rating: IP20
• Forced air cooling system with electronic control

Power supply

• Input Voltage: AC~100-240V, 50/60 Hz
• Switching power supply unit
• Power consumption: 160W
• Power input with IN/OUT PowerCON connector
• Power supply cable 1mt included

Weight and dimensions

• Net weight: 7,8 kg
• Dimensions: 220x170x365 mm


User Manual

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