Zoom projector 12X10W RGBW/FC

Product Code: SG REGOLOHTZ
• REGOLO HTZ is a moving head projector that revolutionises the world of entertainment by offering visual effects never seen before thanks to an innovative optics system based on single lens technology with highly efficient plano convex terminators in the concentration of the light beam and pre-mixing of colours. The light source is composed of 12x10W Osram Ostar RGBW/FC LED. Thanks to the internal reflection system due to the dedicated secondary optics inserted among the 12 terminators, the colours are pre-mixed in the optical channels, resulting in a natural colour never before seen in previous generations of LED source projector. Each colour tone is reproduced faithfully and uniformly, from saturated colours to pastel shades including perfect reproductions of all the colour temperatures of white. Additionally, the projector is equipped with a 11°-58° zoom that can be used to shift from the defined beam of a beam projector to the diffused projection of a wash projector.

Technical Specifications SG REGOLOHTZ

Supply: AC~100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 130W
LED: 12X10W Osram Ostar led RGBW/FC
Lux@3m: 7900 LUX (min. zoom)
Beam: eletronic zoom 11°-58°
Control software: LCD Display
Control: Built-in programs, auto running mode, DMX mode, master/slave mode, soundactive mode, and static color
Channels DMX: 10,21 CH
Chassis: Die-cast aluminum
Anchorage: Double bracket for anchoring in altitude and ground support
Power IN: POWERCON connector IN/OUT
Power OUT: max. 4 pcs @240V 2 pcs @110V
Weight: 4,8 kg
Dimensions: 260x205x326 mm
DMX connection: XLR 3 poles
Cooling: forced air with electronically controlled fans
IP rating: IP20