Sagitter Lights Up Thai Life Insurance Auditorium

Proel has supplied a complete Sagitter lighting system at the headquarters of the Thai Life Insurance company in Bangkok, Thailand, installed and commissioned by Proel's distributor, Van Intertrade. 

Founded in 1942, Thai Life Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in Thailand and is known for producing some of the most consistently brilliant television advertising campaigns in the Asian region. The company's multi-purpose auditorium was recently given a complete upgrade of its audio and lighting system, enabling further usage such as hosting conferences, workshops, theatre events, recitals, and general purpose live music performances.

"We designed the lighting system to be as flexible as possible to cater for as many applications the auditorium could be used for," says Sagitter worldwide export sales manager Biagio Curtopasso. "So we decided to provide many different options so that the system is easily adaptable for many different purposes. The full equipment list includes two Club Spots, four HALOFWW theatre projectors, six PICTOLED moving head projectors, 12 HALFPAR LED projectors, a FOURAY four-output laser, a BLACK ARROW moving head, and a WI DMX PEN PRO wireless receiver."

All the fixtures are low energy consumption models, totalling no more than about 1500 watts energy consumption, and are fitted to a single truss hung over the front of the stage. The lighting system is managed completely by a specialised wireless DMX transmitter connected to the QUIVER DMX console and a receiver attached to the first lighting unit on the truss, thereby avoiding a cable connection and providing a set of advanced features required by lighting operators for many kinds of show scenarios. Programming of all the fixtures is easily achieved wirelessly using the hand-held QUIVER DMX controller from anywhere on the stage or in the auditorium, and then  moved to the control room or storage cupboard without the need to run a long cable back to the lighting truss.

"Our idea was to include individual products on the truss that would be ideal for general purpose conference, presentations and kids of events – to illuminate the main speaker, to create some general lighting on the stage, to create some colour and movement for other occasions such as weddings and social events, and be very simple to manage and operate," comments Curtopasso.

Van Intertrade's managing director Veerat Udomsit reports that the client was impressed with the functionality and versatility of the final design. "The moving heads and moving LEDs cover all the functions that the client needs and more; the colour mixing and brightness are excellent, and the pan, tilt, zoom, and rotation functions are all very smooth," he says.

"The performance of the Quiver controller is outstanding considering its compact size. Initially we questioned whether such a small controller can cover all the various work modes required, but after we began to operate it we quickly found out that it can provide surprising functionality that's comparable to a much larger console, with the added bonus of complete portability," he concludes.